During their deployment to Iraq a group of Soldiers in the United States Army decided that starting a car club would not only be a fun way to occupy their time but it could also be profitable. In the mean time, this group of Soldiers talked about how they would run the club and what vehicle types would be involved. However, no one made a move to start the business.

           In September of 2008 Bossie Fields III took responsibility for the car club that was being discussed and began making arrangements. Although planning was in progress Bossie was still deployed to Iraq and therefore had to wait for his arrival to the United States before he could actually start.

           Upon arrival to Fort Hood, TX Bossie, who is now the President, began taking action in starting his car club. He got on track by purchasing a new car, a 2006 Mustang GT, and appointed his Vice President, Craig Johnson. After days of deliberation the duo came up with a name that had several different meanings. Street Cartel seemed to be the name that this pair would agree upon and soon everyone would know it. Shortly thereafter Bossie and Craig began to recruit fellow Soldiers to become members of Street Cartel and decided that Craig would not only be the clubs over all Vice President, but he would also be the Chapter President for the Killeen/Fort Hood, TX chapter and Marquise Jones and Kelvin Scott would be the Assistant Vice Presidents for that chapter.

           On May 15, 2009 Street Cartel officially began business. The president then began to introduce the club to the public and advertisement started through word of mouth. This was also the first time the clubs members paid membership fees. From May 15th and on, Street Cartel would formally be known as a car club in Killeen, TX.

           Before long several people were inquiring about becoming members of Street Cartel and the club flourished. Meets began to happen in Killen weekly and members were getting the club logo on their vehicles. Within weeks a new chapter was opened in Colorado Springs Colorado near Fort Carson, the Chapter President being Darrel Edwards who is also a member of the United States Army. Later a member of the Killeen/Fort Hood Chapter, Chris Gardner, requested to be the Chapter President in Fayetteville, NC near Fort Brag due to his getting Orders for a change of duty station. Within days the Fayetteville/Fort Brag chapter started. In the mean time Bossie was planning a change of station himself and began a new chapter in Savannah, GA near Hunter AA.


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